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Erhan Kaucuk is a company with high emphasis on innovation in accordance with the demands of its clients. 

Technology & Innovation

In a rapidly changing world, there must be an ongoing practice about research and development to meet the increasing demands for higher quality and lower costs.

Erhan Kaucuk targets to meet its clients demands by developing the most optimal mixture among thousands of rubber and rubber chemicals.

It is a company dedicated to development of applying the best production technique, control and delivery, combining with its environmental friendly approach.

Keeping in mind that innovation is not solely innovating new products, resource planning, processes and waste management are also a complimentary subject, Erhan Kaucuk puts high importance on innovation.

Innovation Targeting Excellence

Whether it’s improving materials, custom compounding, challenging elastomer technology processes or more efficient manufacturing of molded rubber products, Erhan Kauçuk harnesses the most up-to-date know-how to meet its clients’ requirements and expectations.

Problem-Solving Technology

We invite you to contact us today with your most challenging project and let us demonstrate our ability to use the most up-to-date techniques in product development and manufacturing technology to meet your requirements.