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with Erhan Kauçuk

50 years of competence in silicone and rubber

Who we are ?

Erhan Kaucuk, with production of hundreds of various parts and production quantities of almost a billion per year, has been supplying rubber parts to several sectors as well as end-users.

Gaskets, seals, heat and chemical resistant caps, diaphragm rubbers, silicone parts, rubber blocks, silicone kitchenware are among Erhan Kaucuk’s production portfolio and 95% of its production is covered by its in-house mixtures.

Technical parts

From beginning to the end: Erhan Kaucuk is among the top rubber manufacture companies when it comes high-quality seals, gaskets and molded parts.

Silicone parts

Silicone is a miraculous material that comes in our lives in various forms and shapes. Its durability against heat and ozone, mechanical properties, conformity to health makes it a perfect material also in industrial use.


Durability is the thing when it comes to gaskets. Erhan Kaucuk guarantees the gaskets’ long life and durability by the power of five decades of experience and know-how

Lathe-cut gaskets

With its highly-automated production and controlling machinery, Erhan Kaucuk produces precise lathe-cut gaskets in huge quantities.

Rubber blocks

Erhan Kaucuk manufactures rubber blocks that are facilitated in sectors such as transportation, furniture, machinery etc.

Rubber-Metal parts

Bonding rubber to metal is a process that requires expertise and know-how. Erhan Kaucuk has years of experience in bonding various rubber types to various types of metal.

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